Trick or Treat Exchange letter

Sep. 17th, 2017 12:43 pm
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Dear creator,

Thank you so much for creating for me! Here I'll try to give a little more information about the kind of fic/fanart I'd like to receive. If there are any questions on anything, please contact the mods to reach out to me for clarification.

General DNWs

  • AUs - canon setting only, please. Canon divergence is generally okay if you want to go that route, especially in the case of One Piece
  • extreme angst - some angst is fine if it fits the story (especially in certain Trick prompts), but please don’t make it the major focus of the fic
  • explicit sexual content - not for this exchange, please. Making out, over-the-clothes touching, and fade-to-blacks are fine if it comes to that
  • crack
  • non-con
On to the individual prompts! )

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